‘Jacob’- An End Times Servant (Part 1)

As Isaiah writes from his current-day perspective of a coming captivity of the nation of Judah at the hands of the Babylonians, among other things, he also provides an unmistakable end-times vision for the house of Israel that is applicable to our current last days time period. A significant amount of scripture in the book of Isaiah, including parts of Chapters 41-53, is dedicated to discussing God’s chosen end-times servant, ‘Jacob’- a Messianic figure. God reassures Jacob not to fear in a war that is waged against him by a powerful enemy- the last days anti-Christ Chaldeans- who serve false gods and idols, and engage in numerous occult rituals, sorceries and wicked acts.

For reference, this enemy is also referred to as the “Daughter of Babylon,” the queen of kingdoms (Is 47:5). This anti-Christ Chaldean criminal mob is allowed by God to wage a silent, behind-the-scenes, spiritual war against the house of Israel (apparently worldwide), especially in the last days. According to scripture in Isaiah, this is clearly a different kind of war, and one that cannot be well-understood or foreseen by people in these last days.

In the big picture, God’s people in the house of Israel including ‘Jacob’ are oppressed by these enemies and taken captive in this war. They are also plundered and looted (Is 42:22). Through this, the worldwide house of Israel is spiritually tested and refined. Sound familiar?

There ultimately turns out to be good news for ‘Jacob’ and the house of Israel remnant in this last days war. ‘Jacob’ manages to lead an end-times army of sorts with the house of Israel, who manage jointly to fight back in this silent, unconventional-type war.

(I’ll let you, the reader, ponder how a silent, yet large-scale war might take place in the current day; as a clue, recall in a previous passage how I mentioned that the current day anti-Christ Chaldeans engage in illegal surveillance activities- a high tech, yet criminal, replication of the ancient ‘Watchers’.)

The world will witness the victory of end times ‘Jacob’ and the house of Israel

‘Jacob’ himself, and a remnant of the house of Israel, will achieve a huge public victory over their dark, secret enemies- a victory that the whole world will also see and rejoice in as shocking truth is revealed. Given the war will have been secret until the end, this will be a sudden, “unforeseen” catastrophe and disaster that will ultimately come upon the house of ‘Jacobs enemy (Is 47:11).

At this time, the ancient house of Israel remnant will be revealed worldwide. They will be exiled, regathered and re-established in their restored, rebuilt land (Is 44:26) for the beginning of their heavenly Millennial kingdom. Israel will rejoice and acknowledge their one true God of old, whereas they had largely failed to do so prior to this last days event. They will now see God’s grace- he will forgive their transgressions (Is 44:22), establish their righteousness, and give them eternal salvation (Is 45:17, 51:6). Every knee will bow and and every tongue will confess (Is 45:23) by Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ will return to reign in Zion/Jerusalem for all eyes to see.

Descriptors of end times ‘Jacob’

Scripture from parts of several chapters in the book of Isaiah that are used for this passage (i.e. Isaiah Chs. 42, 49, 50, 52 and 53) are actually referred to by some as “servant songs.” These songs are specific to the end-times biblical ‘Jacob’ figure who wins (only by God’s power and help) the war described above for himself and the house of Israel remnant. According to these servant songs, the following characteristics can be attributed to ‘Jacob’ in this end-times war: (Chapters of the book of Isaiah mentioned in parentheses)

  • Is persecuted, oppressed, afflicted and “crushed”; a “guilt offering” (52, 53)
  • Is despised and rejected, a “man of sorrows” (49, 52, 53)
  • Is chosen and delighted in by God (42, 49, 53)
  • Receives instruction, knowledge, and awakening directly from the Lord (50, 53)
  • Offers himself as a personal sacrifice, does not “hide his face” (50, 53)
  • Walks in righteousness (42, 50, 53)
  • Brings justice to the nations/earth (42, 49, 50, 53)
  • Is a “light for the Gentiles” (42, 49)
  • Frees captives (42)
  • Restores tribes of Jacob/Israel from afar (49)
  • Opens eyes that are blind (esp. unbelieving Israel) to the secret of lawlessness, iniquity (42, 49, 52)
  • Is personally redeemed, restored, and vindicated (49, 50, 53)
  • Is rewarded by God (49, 52, 53)

(Note: Even for those who may believe Isaiah Ch. 53 might not be applicable to a figure other than Jesus Christ, or Christ’s first coming in-person, the above themes about ‘Jacob’ still remain as described elsewhere in the given chapters of Isaiah. Overall, there is good reason to believe that scripture in Is. 53 also speaks about an end-times servant of Jesus Christ.)

Based on what we know now about end-times ‘Jacob,’ as described in the book of Isaiah, we can ask additional questions in our ongoing bible prophecy study, such as whether ‘Jacob’ is also the:

  • Davidic line “Prince” who serves under Jesus Christ in the heavenly kingdom?
  • Overcomer (or an overcomer) as described in the Book of Revelation?
  • Leader of the restored remnant/vine of Israel-Judah?
  • Restrainer?
  • Comforter?
  • Etc. etc. (with additional possibilities)

To close, I will repeat how unusual it is that pastors, prophecy experts, and other bible-believing leaders of our time do not discuss such a significant figure in the scripture. Perhaps it is due to the same reason that this end-times ‘Jacob’ figure appears to be hidden (Is. 49:2-3) until the final event described above. After all, those who are truly awake realize how dangerous it is in our current times to speak out about what we know is biblically true and going to come to pass. So, believe it or not, some pastors or teachers are actually prevented from discussing this type of material. There are likely many others who have taken secret oaths, and as a result, are blinded as to the truth about coming events in the last days.

In a future passage, I will describe end times ‘Jacob’s character and his activities in much more detail.

Grace and Peace,

Lion’s Lair (LL)

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