King David and the anti-Christ Chaldean Army of his Day

We know that King David was a righteous king, overall, who believed in speaking truth, sought God in his leadership decisions, and desired to honor and praise God above all. We also know that King David was a warrior in battle. His warrior status that is forefront in our minds is his slaying of Goliath, […]

God’s People and Message Silenced in the Last Days

God’s apostles, prophets and disciples have always been in danger. There are numerous examples. All of God’s true believers are in a constant war with an adversary who deceives the masses and wants to lead as many people as possible into destruction. Outright denial or absence of mention of the one true God, Jesus Christ, […]

False Teachers in the End Times

In my last writing- False Prophets in the End Times- I covered various motives behind false prophets’ deceptive messages as well as some basic criteria to look for in assessing the authenticity and validity behind any single prophet’s doctrinal message. True apostles and prophets are rare I offered a rather broad, generalized definition of a […]

Watching and Warning

Those who are truly awake and watching in the current day are in a natural position to warn others. In my first post on this site, I mentioned that a self-described ‘watchman’ such as myself has a duty to warn. For the purposes of this writing, I divide the topic of warning into three areas: […]

Components of Watching and Waiting

In this passage, I’ll describe the concept of ‘watching’ a little more, and how our act of ‘watching’ as Christ-believers as naturally requires components of waiting and patience. I believe that many Christians in the current day will relate with the context and background presented here in which true disciples of Christ are waiting for […]

Being ‘Awake’ and ‘Watching’ for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior

After my introductory post, it naturally follows that I might address the general biblical concept of ‘watching’ just a little more. As you might expect, this concept is presented differently in the scripture, depending on the context in which it is used. Ancient roots of modern -day surveillance and ‘watching’ At the darkest, highest spiritual […]