The Story of Mocking and Blaspheming the Lord in these End Times

One entry requirement in this contest is that Jesus Christ is not profaned in any way. Perhaps it is then fitting to submit a story that is relevant to the desecration of Christ’s name and glory in our public at-large in this last days time period.

Hidden in plain sight

Multitudes are not aware of the massive perpetration of anti-Christ propaganda, especially in the United States. Symbolism of foreign gods is right out in the open. There are modern-day monuments to Baal, including Asherah poles, etc. in plain sight. There are virtually countless monuments, idols and other symbols that represent various ancient Pagan gods. Look no further than your local, state or federal government buildings. Believe it or not, look at even some Christian houses of worship. These are covered in occultic ornaments and symbolism paying homage to foreign gods. These represent false gods that are anti-Christ, by their very nature.

Carefully planned over time

While we are supposedly afforded some apparent “freedoms” to exercise our religion, the spirit of anti-Christ has taken advantage of our liberties to conspire, coordinate and infuse a massive amount of virtually-undetected symbolism, code language, mocking events, etc. into our society. This has been planned and executed in secret, but one who is “awake” in this current last days time period will notice this in every facet of our society.

The anti-Christ cabal has taken narratives and various language directly out of God’s word and turned them into mocking and blasphemy right under our noses. This will become apparent one day soon when all things are to be revealed. People will be shocked! They will have been strongly deceived. Remember Jesus’ warning to us about this last days time period: “Watch out that you are not deceived” (Luke 21:8).

The coming counterfeit kingdom

The great wall of deception has been building since the beginning of our country, and for centuries around the world. It has been highly calculated and planned. Have you ever wondered how, almost overnight, the world will unite and turn to worship the destructive, evil anti-Christ spirit? How can seemingly diametrically opposed world religions all suddenly unite under one banner of “peace”? They all agree on one thing; they are anti-Christ.

In scripture, God even prophetically has to ask his own people, especially those living in last days Israel, “Has a nation ever changed its gods? Yet they are not gods at all” (Jer. 2:11). Now that’s bad.

The anti-Christ kingdom has already been established in very large part, just under the surface, as a worldwide army of people have taken blood oaths, subscribed to an occult narrative, and have perpetuated the incidence of aforementioned false idols. In the process, they have become blinded themselves as to the truth.

When the Anti-Christ comes, people will support him because he will speak the strange, occultic, universal language that worldwide citizens are already indoctrinated with. He will also be adorned with universally recognized idols and symbols that people are already accustomed to. This is the Tower of Babel story all over again.

Practical examples

Tangible representations of deceptive symbolism and propaganda in our current society are numerous.

You can literally go through scripture and identify narratives and words that have been (mis)applied across all facets of our mocking, blasphemous, pop-culture society. The following are just a few initial, simple examples for illustration among a seemingly endless list:

  • The Golden Calf (the Wall St. “Charging Bull”)
  • “God will save Zion” (“God Save the Queen” – U.K. anthem)
  • The apple eaten in the Garden (The Apple company’s corporate logo)

Imagine a coffee table-style book that contrasts, side-by-side, brief text and scripture representing God’s word versus anti-Christ symbolism that can be demonstrated pictorially. Such as publication would communicate a powerful message.

People can learn now or be shocked later.