The Gentiles in the end times

I have written extensively on this site about Israel’s small flock remnant, God’s last days holy people, including his own Spirit of truth, who fight in the last days spiritual kingdom war against the evil kingdom enemy- the anti-Christ Chaldeans. I have described how this remnant will bring truth to the world about Jesus Christ’s […]

The Last Days ‘Jacob army’

Since I just recently completed a passage describing the evil adversary in the last days kingdom war- the anti-Christ Chaldeans- I will now turn to address in more detail God’s holy warrior army of servants that directly confronts this adversary. On this site, thus far, I have referred to these servant-warriors collectively as the ‘Jacob […]

Historical precedent for end times battles and alliances

To begin this passage, I will summarize the main players in the spiritual kingdom war, all of which I have discussed previously on this site. Then, I will show historical precedent for their interrelations based on the ancient times of Judah’s and Israel’s kings. In doing so, I will show some historic patterns that we […]

Characteristics of God’s end times biblical servants

Jesus Christ was the ultimate servant who gave his life so that we might find our salvation through him. Jesus and his disciples also gave us many examples and inspired words about what faithful servanthood looks like. To begin, as servants of our Lord in these end times, we must be awake and watching for […]

God’s Coming Punishment on End Times ‘Babylon’ (Part 1)

As was the case in my passages entitled End Times Babylon (Parts 1 and 2), in that examining the nation of ‘Babylon’-U.S. is most helpful in understanding coming events in these last days, so will it be in describing and understanding God’s coming punishment. Both the city of ‘Babylon’ and the kingdom of ‘Babylon’ will […]

God’s Coming Punishment on the Country of Israel (Part 1)

Prior to more fully addressing the various elements of God’s wrath and punishment that will come upon Judah (Israel) in the last days, which I will do in my next two passages (Parts 2 & 3), I will first set the stage in the current passage with a description of several key players who are […]

Last Days Country of Israel According to Prophetic Scripture

I have mentioned several times on this site that the land of Israel and its people will suffer God’s punishment and wrath in this last days time period. One who is familiar with bible prophecy scripture and end times events can easily detect how Israel (Judah) must be subjected to God’s punishment prior to God’s […]

Prophecy in the Psalms

Scripture in the book of the Psalms contains several important prophetic themes, including those which are very significant for our current last days time period. Of course, one major theme that runs throughout, which I addressed in a prior passage, is that of King David’s battle versus his enemy- the anti-Christ Chaldeans of his day. […]

Last Days Prophecy in the book of Hosea

The last days prophecy in the book of Hosea has much to do with today’s version of Israel’s “northern kingdom,” since obviously the original Northern Kingdom called “Israel” consisting of 10 tribes in the time of the prophets has not existed since it went into exile in Assyria hundreds of years before Christ’s arrival. Today’s […]

Israel’s Coming Prophetic Exodus & Regathering (Part 2)

In this passage, Part 2, I will focus on the regathering of God’s people in their land for the Millennial Kingdom in which Jesus Christ will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I will restate some of those terrible conditions that will come upon the world in the last days, many of […]