God’s end times holy children

In this passage, I will discuss attributes of God’s holy children in these last days. These are his children who will inherit his Millennial Kingdom under Jesus Christ’s reign. As such, they will be tested, proven, faithful believers in Jesus Christ. Attributes of these last days holy children addressed in this passage include the following. […]

‘Jacob’- An End Times Servant (Part 2)

In Part 1 of ‘Jacob’- An End Times Servant (posted May 23rd), I wrote a relatively short, high-level summary of Jacob’s prophetic persona in the last days time period. The theme of his last days story is a familiar one, as previously discussed on this site, and one that is a picture for what will […]

God’s Coming Punishment on the Country of Israel (Part 1)

Prior to more fully addressing the various elements of God’s wrath and punishment that will come upon Judah (Israel) in the last days, which I will do in my next two passages (Parts 2 & 3), I will first set the stage in the current passage with a description of several key players who are […]

Last Days Country of Israel According to Prophetic Scripture

I have mentioned several times on this site that the land of Israel and its people will suffer God’s punishment and wrath in this last days time period. One who is familiar with bible prophecy scripture and end times events can easily detect how Israel (Judah) must be subjected to God’s punishment prior to God’s […]

Prophecy in the Psalms

Scripture in the book of the Psalms contains several important prophetic themes, including those which are very significant for our current last days time period. Of course, one major theme that runs throughout, which I addressed in a prior passage, is that of King David’s battle versus his enemy- the anti-Christ Chaldeans of his day. […]

God’s “Vineyard” in Prophecy

Recently, I posted a series of passages on the final worldwide exodus and regathering of God’s people in their land. I discussed how this exodus will happen in the Tribulation period, hastened by terrible conditions worldwide, including conditions particularly adverse to God’s people. In this current passage, I will provide more detail about those who […]

Components of Watching and Waiting

In this passage, I’ll describe the concept of ‘watching’ a little more, and how our act of ‘watching’ as Christ-believers as naturally requires components of waiting and patience. I believe that many Christians in the current day will relate with the context and background presented here in which true disciples of Christ are waiting for […]