Prophecy in the Psalms: God’s people delivered and God’s enemies punished

I have written in prior passages on this site about prophecy in the Psalms. One major topic area of the Psalms is that which prophetically shows elements of the kingdom war involving King David versus his enemy that is the anti-Christ, evil spirit of his day. Although King David was God’s warrior in conventional battle, […]

God’s Coming Punishment on End Times ‘Babylon’ (Part 2)

In Part 1 of God’s Coming Punishment on ‘Babylon,’ I discussed those silent, behind-the-scenes events that happen over time inside the nation and serve as the beginning of God’s punishment. I also described how the outcome of the “quiet” battle fought by God himself and his ‘Jacob army,’ combined with the “trap” that God sets, […]

God’s Coming Punishment on the Country of Israel (Part 1)

Prior to more fully addressing the various elements of God’s wrath and punishment that will come upon Judah (Israel) in the last days, which I will do in my next two passages (Parts 2 & 3), I will first set the stage in the current passage with a description of several key players who are […]

The Daughter of Zion- An End Times Figure, Millennial Kingdom Queen (Part 3)

In Part 1 of this series about the ‘Daughter of Zion,’ I showed how she fits the profile of the previously discussed Judah remnant of the last days. She is holy, royal, and righteous; yet, she faces God-ordained persecution at the hands of the anti-Christ Chaldeans. In Part 1, I described her persecution in some […]

The Daughter of Zion- An End Times Figure, Millennial Kingdom Queen (Part 1)

The ‘Daughter of Zion’ is another end times figure who has many similarities to the other figures we have examined in some detail to this point- i.e. ‘Jacob’ and ‘David.’ She is chosen by God for a special end times role, and is promised a position of royalty in God’s heavenly Kingdom. Like ‘Jacob’ and […]

A Judah and House of David Remnant

After going into some detail about our Millennial Prince ‘David’ figure in the last two passages, it is now logical to look a little more into those who will be around him as he serves in the presence of Jesus Christ. These are likely to be those who are in the “House of David,” or […]

End Times ‘David’- The Warrior, the “Branch”, and the “Banner” for Babylon

In my last passage, I established that Prince ‘David’ will reign in the Millennial Kingdom in direct service to Jesus Christ- the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I also established the likelihood that ‘David’ is an end times figure living in our current day, and one for whom it is prophesied to overcome, […]

Anti-Christ Chaldeans as Described by Three Minor Prophets

In this initial passage about the group that I will continue to refer to as the “anti-Christ Chaldeans,” I thought that it would be best to address them as they are described by several of the minor prophets: Joel; Habukkuk; and Nahum. While I will not go into detail here about the context in which […]

End-Times Deliverance and Redemption of God’s People (Part 2)

In this passage I will continue to discuss those issues that are associated with God’s people’s last days deliverance from captivity and oppression. In my last passage (Part 1), I described strong links between God’s sovereignty and forgiveness with the ultimate deliverance of his people. Additional topics associated with the upcoming deliverance of his people […]

End-Times Deliverance and Redemption of God’s People (Part 1)

In my last passage I discussed end times oppression and captivity of God’s people worldwide. And I mentioned how this would be the case before they are regathered back in their homeland in the last days, prior to the heavenly Millennial Kingdom here on earth. However, in between the stage of oppression and the stage […]