The Lord is with us (Part 1)

My latest passages have addressed topics of the ongoing Kingdom war and God’s holy children who are “birthed” in these last days. (I will likely have one more part (4) related to the latter). Of course, the most critical player in the Kingdom war and the most important manchild “birthed” in these end times is […]

Children of Israel “Birthed” in the End Times (Part 3)

In my last passage, Part 2, I discussed the prophetic significance of “travails” with and “birthings” of God’s holy children as these relate to end time events, and especially the timing of these events. In this current passage, Part 3, I will continue discussing the prophetic significance of travails and birthings of God’s spiritual children, […]

Last Days Spiritual War Between the Kingdoms (Part 2)

In my last passage, Part 1, I described the dark kingdom’s side of the ongoing spiritual war as it was portrayed by the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. I also showed how the Pharisees of Jesus’ day were strongly representative of today’s worldwide anti-Christ Chaldean, “Synagogue of Satan” army. Anti-Christ forces want their own kingdom, apart […]

Last Days Prophecy in the book of Hosea

The last days prophecy in the book of Hosea has much to do with today’s version of Israel’s “northern kingdom,” since obviously the original Northern Kingdom called “Israel” consisting of 10 tribes in the time of the prophets has not existed since it went into exile in Assyria hundreds of years before Christ’s arrival. Today’s […]

When God Hides His Face

My last passage addressed in some detail how a society’s attempt to remove the one true God, Jesus Christ, along with any discussion of his truth and message of grace and salvation. The enemy has always worked at this, and continues in these last days at a feverish pace. As my last passage described, a […]

God’s People and Message Silenced in the Last Days

God’s apostles, prophets and disciples have always been in danger. There are numerous examples. All of God’s true believers are in a constant war with an adversary who deceives the masses and wants to lead as many people as possible into destruction. Outright denial or absence of mention of the one true God, Jesus Christ, […]

‘Jacob’- An End Times Servant (Part 1)

As Isaiah writes from his current-day perspective of a coming captivity of the nation of Judah at the hands of the Babylonians, among other things, he also provides an unmistakable end-times vision for the house of Israel that is applicable to our current last days time period. A significant amount of scripture in the book […]

An End Times Comforter and the Restrainer

At this point in my writings, it’s time to discuss some end-times biblical characters including the Holy Spirit to whom we can look in these last days for light and truth in anticipation of Christ’s glorious return. These figures also provide a counterbalance and restraint to the growing darkness and deception that will usher in […]