End Times ‘Babylon’ (Part 1)

There is much intrigue and interest among believers in understanding end times ‘Babylon.’ Prophecy “experts” differ widely in their opinions and interpretations. Admittedly, for such an important piece of the end times prophecy puzzle, there are clearly some uncertainties about how the last days ‘Babylon’ scenario will unfold. From my perspective, I believe that it […]

God’s Coming Punishment on the Country of Israel (Part 3)

After setting some context and background for God’s upcoming punishment on today’s country of Israel in Part 1 of this series, I then began discussing specific punishments against Israel that we can expect to see in these last days in Part 2 of this series. In this current passage, Part 3, I will continue and […]

God’s Coming Punishment on the Country of Israel (Part 1)

Prior to more fully addressing the various elements of God’s wrath and punishment that will come upon Judah (Israel) in the last days, which I will do in my next two passages (Parts 2 & 3), I will first set the stage in the current passage with a description of several key players who are […]

God’s “Vineyard” in Prophecy

Recently, I posted a series of passages on the final worldwide exodus and regathering of God’s people in their land. I discussed how this exodus will happen in the Tribulation period, hastened by terrible conditions worldwide, including conditions particularly adverse to God’s people. In this current passage, I will provide more detail about those who […]

Israel’s Coming Prophetic Exodus & Regathering (Part 2)

In this passage, Part 2, I will focus on the regathering of God’s people in their land for the Millennial Kingdom in which Jesus Christ will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I will restate some of those terrible conditions that will come upon the world in the last days, many of […]

Anti-Christ Chaldeans as Described by Three Minor Prophets

In this initial passage about the group that I will continue to refer to as the “anti-Christ Chaldeans,” I thought that it would be best to address them as they are described by several of the minor prophets: Joel; Habukkuk; and Nahum. While I will not go into detail here about the context in which […]

When God Hides His Face

My last passage addressed in some detail how a society’s attempt to remove the one true God, Jesus Christ, along with any discussion of his truth and message of grace and salvation. The enemy has always worked at this, and continues in these last days at a feverish pace. As my last passage described, a […]

Watching and Warning

Those who are truly awake and watching in the current day are in a natural position to warn others. In my first post on this site, I mentioned that a self-described ‘watchman’ such as myself has a duty to warn. For the purposes of this writing, I divide the topic of warning into three areas: […]

Being ‘Awake’ and ‘Watching’ for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior

After my introductory post, it naturally follows that I might address the general biblical concept of ‘watching’ just a little more. As you might expect, this concept is presented differently in the scripture, depending on the context in which it is used. Ancient roots of modern -day surveillance and ‘watching’ At the darkest, highest spiritual […]