The Gentiles in the end times

I have written extensively on this site about Israel’s small flock remnant, God’s last days holy people, including his own Spirit of truth, who fight in the last days spiritual kingdom war against the evil kingdom enemy- the anti-Christ Chaldeans. I have described how this remnant will bring truth to the world about Jesus Christ’s […]

Israel’s Coming Prophetic Exodus & Regathering (Part 1)

In my next two passages, I will discuss the final exodus and regathering of the house of Israel; this is the regathering that will take place in the days leading up to the establishment of God’s heavenly Millennial Kingdom here on earth. The regathering of God’s people in the land of Israel is most often […]

Prophetic Questions (and Answers) Given in the Bible (Part 2)

In my passage, Prophetic Questions (and Answers) Given in the Bible (Part 1), I chose prophecy-related questions that appear in the books of the major and minor prophets, as well as in the Psalms; I then provided answers in context based on supporting scripture. In this passage, I will repeat the same process, albeit with […]

End Times ‘David’- The Warrior, the “Branch”, and the “Banner” for Babylon

In my last passage, I established that Prince ‘David’ will reign in the Millennial Kingdom in direct service to Jesus Christ- the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I also established the likelihood that ‘David’ is an end times figure living in our current day, and one for whom it is prophesied to overcome, […]