The Day of the Lord (Part 1)

Overview The Day of the Lord is God’s end times wrath and judgment on the evil world system and its inhabitants. It is the Lord’s wicked house of Israel in particular that his eyes are fixed upon as the primary reason that he brings his wrath. We are told about this time, “The Lord has […]

Lessons from early Israel for the end times ‘northern kingdom’ and ‘Jacob’-Judah remnant (Part 2)

In Part 1, I covered several specific time periods of early Israel and how biblical events in those time periods may provide us with some indication for events that we might expect to take place in today’s end times ‘northern kingdom.’ I left off covering the time period of the early kings of Israel; specifically […]

The Last Days ‘Jacob army’

Since I just recently completed a passage describing the evil adversary in the last days kingdom war- the anti-Christ Chaldeans- I will now turn to address in more detail God’s holy warrior army of servants that directly confronts this adversary. On this site, thus far, I have referred to these servant-warriors collectively as the ‘Jacob […]

Jeremiah’s personal and prophetic story (Part 3)

In Parts 1 and 2 in this series, I addressed Jeremiah’s life story and his walk with God to demonstrate and highlight major prophetic themes that apply to our current last days time period. In terms of major prophetic events that he foretold that were applicable to his own day, these concluded with the invasion […]

The Lord is with us (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how scripture tells us that the Lord awakens in these end times, arises to the cause of his ‘Jacob army’-Judah remnant, and does his work on earth on their behalf. In this passage (Part 2) I will continue to demonstrate the Lord’s presence on earth within the […]

Children of Israel “Birthed” in the End Times (Part 3)

In my last passage, Part 2, I discussed the prophetic significance of “travails” with and “birthings” of God’s holy children as these relate to end time events, and especially the timing of these events. In this current passage, Part 3, I will continue discussing the prophetic significance of travails and birthings of God’s spiritual children, […]

Children of Israel “Birthed” in the End Times (Part 2)

In Part 1, I discussed the ‘Daughter of Zion’ as Israel’s Kingdom queen and mother figure, from whom the Kingdom’s children will be “birthed.” She is referred to in scripture as the “mother of all” and the “mother of nations.” I also described how she is the symbolic “mother” to Jesus himself in the book […]

God’s “Vineyard” in Prophecy

Recently, I posted a series of passages on the final worldwide exodus and regathering of God’s people in their land. I discussed how this exodus will happen in the Tribulation period, hastened by terrible conditions worldwide, including conditions particularly adverse to God’s people. In this current passage, I will provide more detail about those who […]

Last Days Prophecy in the book of Hosea

The last days prophecy in the book of Hosea has much to do with today’s version of Israel’s “northern kingdom,” since obviously the original Northern Kingdom called “Israel” consisting of 10 tribes in the time of the prophets has not existed since it went into exile in Assyria hundreds of years before Christ’s arrival. Today’s […]

The Daughter of Zion- An End Times Figure, Millennial Kingdom Queen (Part 2)

So many prophetic insights can be gleaned from the biblical ‘Daughter of Zion’ figure. Through her eyes and story, we can get a good overall picture for end time events and the significance behind them. The ‘Daughter of Zion,’ who we found in Part 1 will be a Millennial Kingdom Matriarch for God’s people, is […]