A Judah and House of David Remnant

After going into some detail about our Millennial Prince ‘David’ figure in the last two passages, it is now logical to look a little more into those who will be around him as he serves in the presence of Jesus Christ. These are likely to be those who are in the “House of David,” or […]

An End Times Comforter and the Restrainer

At this point in my writings, it’s time to discuss some end-times biblical characters including the Holy Spirit to whom we can look in these last days for light and truth in anticipation of Christ’s glorious return. These figures also provide a counterbalance and restraint to the growing darkness and deception that will usher in […]

False Teachers in the End Times

In my last writing- False Prophets in the End Times- I covered various motives behind false prophets’ deceptive messages as well as some basic criteria to look for in assessing the authenticity and validity behind any single prophet’s doctrinal message. True apostles and prophets are rare I offered a rather broad, generalized definition of a […]

False Prophets in the End Times

When asked about the last days by his disciples, Jesus said that many things would occur during this time, and among these, he said, “Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many” (Matt. 24:11). False prophets are one major reason Jesus warned several times that we should be sure and not be deceived in […]

Components of Watching and Waiting

In this passage, I’ll describe the concept of ‘watching’ a little more, and how our act of ‘watching’ as Christ-believers as naturally requires components of waiting and patience. I believe that many Christians in the current day will relate with the context and background presented here in which true disciples of Christ are waiting for […]