Prophetic indicators for the last days in the books of Moses (Part 4)

In this series, I have addressed God’s ancient people’s path to the homeland and have related it to the ‘Jacob’-Judah “small flock” remnant’s own final journey here in the last days prior to the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom. In prior passages, I have also described important prophetic indicators and lessons from Moses’ day as […]

Prophetic indicators for the last days in the books of Moses (Part 3)

In Part 1, I described the ancient path of God’s people to the homeland and how today’s end times ‘Jacob’-Judah remnant will re-discover this path in order to finally complete the journey once-and-for-all. In Part 2, I discussed prophetic indicators and lessons given in the books of Moses that will be important for the last […]

Prophetic indicators for the last days in the books of Moses (Part 2)

In Part 1, I addressed God’s ancient people’s journey that began with God’s promise to Abraham and God leading him into the land that his seed will still eventually inherit. I then tracked God’s people’s journey through Moses’ day back to the doorstep of the promised land. Finally, I picked up God’s people’s prophetic journey […]

End Times ‘David’- The Warrior, the “Branch”, and the “Banner” for Babylon

In my last passage, I established that Prince ‘David’ will reign in the Millennial Kingdom in direct service to Jesus Christ- the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I also established the likelihood that ‘David’ is an end times figure living in our current day, and one for whom it is prophesied to overcome, […]

End-Times Deliverance and Redemption of God’s People (Part 2)

In this passage I will continue to discuss those issues that are associated with God’s people’s last days deliverance from captivity and oppression. In my last passage (Part 1), I described strong links between God’s sovereignty and forgiveness with the ultimate deliverance of his people. Additional topics associated with the upcoming deliverance of his people […]

Oppression and Captivity of God’s People in the End Times

The event of Moses leading ‘Israel’s exodus from Egypt, from the oppressive grips of the hands of Pharoah, is somewhat representative of a last days exodus for God’s people required for them to return to their homeland and to be regathered. Future passages of mine will discuss more about this regathering that will take place […]

When God Hides His Face

My last passage addressed in some detail how a society’s attempt to remove the one true God, Jesus Christ, along with any discussion of his truth and message of grace and salvation. The enemy has always worked at this, and continues in these last days at a feverish pace. As my last passage described, a […]