The Story Leading to the Return of Jesus Christ

In today’s tumultuous times, people worldwide are seeking answers. Faithful Christian believers who are “awake” are looking for the return of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, much of today’s Church inexplicably ignores the topic of bible prophecy, which fundamentally addresses Jesus’ return. Those who are the most visible bible prophecy messengers of our day only loosely correlate current events with what scripture tells us. They speak about and refer to discrete, disconnected events taking place as signs of the end times, leaving discerning Christians puzzled as to how events will actually play out. Furthermore, biblical lessons learned about “good news,” false prophets and last days apostasy in the Church understandably cause many to be skeptical.

So, how can we get to the truth about today’s prophetic events through scripture?   

People relate well with stories.

What if there is such a prophetic story given in scripture? And what if this story contains real-life, biblical characters living among us today who we will recognize one day in heaven just the same as the likes of Moses, King David, the prophets, the apostles, etc.? And what if this story contains all of those elements that keep us so engaged, such as: suspense; drama; love; the hero vs. the villain; and lots of action!

Question: Would not telling this true story be an effective way to communicate about, and disciple for, the return of Jesus Christ?  

In fact, we do have such a story actually taking place. This is according to scripture.

Real biblical characters are currently “on-stage,” right on schedule, according to God’s plan. Scripture informs us about of the likes of the following who are among us in the last days: The “Spirit of truth”; end times servants ‘Jacob’ and ‘David’; the ‘Daughter(s) of Zion’; and others. The ‘Daughter of Zion’ will even give spiritual “birthing” to holy children in these last days who will be prominent figures in the midst of the kingdom war. (You may recall the picture in the book of Revelation, Chapter 12, of the woman who is “clothed with the sun,” etc.).

Altogether, these modern day biblical characters comprise a “small flock” Judah remnant whom we are told in scripture are holy, royal and righteous. Their lives will also represent a clear “picture” of challenges to come for many of Christ’s believers across the world in that they are persecuted at the hands of the anti-Christ “villain.” Their battle against this force as part of ‘Jacob’s army includes much action, suspense and drama. Of course, it does not hurt that they receive supernatural assistance from the Lord himself.

It is through their story that others worldwide (incl. the Gentiles and Israel’s larger remnant) will learn about the light and truth of Jesus Christ, thereby fulfilling the scripture, “this Gospel shall be preached in all the world…” (Matt. 24:14). Jesus then said, “the end will come.”

This is because it will be Jesus himself who will emerge to crush his enemy and to be revealed as the “hero”; thereby providing salvation and redemption for the oppressed people of the world. This will indeed mark the end of the age, so you might assume now that this becomes the time to “roll the credits” for our story herein.

But not so fast. This holy family remnant will go into the heavenly Millennial Kingdom to serve under Jesus Christ and reign with him. They will be God’s royal family. What is special is that this will be a holy and righteous Davidic-line family fully submitted to, and proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ. This will be in refreshing contrast to world leaders and rulers shown to be highly corrupt and oppressive in the last days.

Oh, and are you still wondering about a love component in this story? Within this biblical family, there will also be love. We are told that the Lord (the bridegroom) will marry the ‘Daughter of Zion,’ who will be the Kingdom Queen. Have you ever wondered who might be the principal characters in the Song of Solomon?

Are you ready for a marriage supper?