The Gentiles in the end times

I have written extensively on this site about Israel’s small flock remnant, God’s last days holy people, including his own Spirit of truth, who fight in the last days spiritual kingdom war against the evil kingdom enemy- the anti-Christ Chaldeans. I have described how this remnant will bring truth to the world about Jesus Christ’s […]

Prophecy in Jesus’ Parable of the Mustard Seed

The Parable of the Mustard Seed spoken by Jesus is a Kingdom parable. This means that it can be seen as having meaning for God’s upcoming Millennial Kingdom. The following is the actual Parable of the Mustard Seed as it was spoken by Jesus in the book of Mark: “And he said, Whereunto shall we […]

Prophecy in the Psalms: God’s people delivered and God’s enemies punished

I have written in prior passages on this site about prophecy in the Psalms. One major topic area of the Psalms is that which prophetically shows elements of the kingdom war involving King David versus his enemy that is the anti-Christ, evil spirit of his day. Although King David was God’s warrior in conventional battle, […]

Ezekiel’s personal and prophetic story (Part 4)

In this series on the prophet Ezekiel, his signs and his messages applying to us in this last days time period, I have been addressing the following overriding theme: God will be taking back his land and his inheritance for a coming heavenly Kingdom, and will destroy the counterfeit kingdom constructed by those who have […]

Last Days Spiritual War Between the Kingdoms (Part 2)

In my last passage, Part 1, I described the dark kingdom’s side of the ongoing spiritual war as it was portrayed by the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. I also showed how the Pharisees of Jesus’ day were strongly representative of today’s worldwide anti-Christ Chaldean, “Synagogue of Satan” army. Anti-Christ forces want their own kingdom, apart […]

The U.S. in Bible Prophecy: End Times ‘Babylon’ and ‘Northern Kingdom’ (Part 1)

In prior posts, I have indirectly addressed the end times U.S., which I personally believe to represent both the last days nation of ‘Babylon’ as well as the last days ‘northern kingdom.’ In addressing each of these, I used separate sets of scripture. In one passage, entitled Prophecy in the Book of Hosea, I went […]

The Daughter of Zion- An End Times Figure, Millennial Kingdom Queen (Part 1)

The ‘Daughter of Zion’ is another end times figure who has many similarities to the other figures we have examined in some detail to this point- i.e. ‘Jacob’ and ‘David.’ She is chosen by God for a special end times role, and is promised a position of royalty in God’s heavenly Kingdom. Like ‘Jacob’ and […]

Oppression and Captivity of God’s People in the End Times

The event of Moses leading ‘Israel’s exodus from Egypt, from the oppressive grips of the hands of Pharoah, is somewhat representative of a last days exodus for God’s people required for them to return to their homeland and to be regathered. Future passages of mine will discuss more about this regathering that will take place […]