Lion's Lair Blog Strategy

Some thinking behind Lion’s Lair Blog

1. What is the motivation?

It’s about the imminent return of Jesus Christ and for readers to be able to:

  • Be ready and plan
  • Have clear perspective and priorities in their lives
  • Have hope in difficult and uncertain times
  • Be aware/knowledgeable of bible prophecy as an effective topic for disciple-ing others
  • Be prepared to “watch” and warn others

2. What are the objectives?

To evangelize for Jesus Christ, and to:

  • Promote and encourage salvation for individuals
  • Provide a biblical perspective for educational purposes
  • Provide clarity, additional meaning or alternate meaning to some existing bible prophecy theories
  • Encourage further exploration, dialogue and understanding of biblical scripture

3. What is the current context for discussing bible prophecy?

Many “expert” prophecy watchmen are confident that we are in the season of our Lord’s return; however:

  • Prophecy is/has been very rarely discussed in churches, or in the public at large
    • People are not educated/knowledgeable on this issue
  • Some discussion on this topic can be/has been misleading
  • Many people are understandably in search of an (alternative) explanation for current world events or events in their own lives versus what they see in traditional media
  • Heavy spiritual warfare exists

4. What are some caveats associated with this blog?

Certain natural limitations may exist due to:

  • There can be varying interpretations of the same prophetic event due to some complexity involved
    • Variance occurs even among the “experts”
      • Some who work in the area of bible prophecy may intentionally mislead
  • My own style in this blog will be to use general themes for expected events based on a holistic approach to scripture
    • My belief is that getting the “big picture” and the correct worldview on this topic is what is most important
    • Details such as timing, ordering and proper names involved with individual prophetic events can be challenging to interpret
      • These will be addressed in this blog only as they are specifically and clearly indicated in scripture
  • My perspective on bible prophecy is derived from a personal interest, personal research and my highly unique life experience
    • I am not a formally trained pastor or theologian

5. What are some of my overriding assumptions?

I assume that one who reads and understands this blog will be similar to myself in that he/she believes:

  • In the bible along with salvation that is offered through Jesus Christ
  • That the whole bible (i.e. KJV) is of value for the purpose of learning what is true
    • That the bible has significant prophetic meaning
      • Realize that between 1/4 and 1/3 of scripture is prophetic in meaning (and I believe, maybe more!)
  • That we are currently in the “season” of the Lord’s return (as of early 2020)
  • That bible prophecy is ultimately good news for true believers and that we will be able to escape/avoid (at least in part) trials and to come
    • We will enter into God’s eternal kingdom to be with Jesus Christ
  • In God’s final judgement and the Tribulation period that will come upon the whole earth and its people
  • In a realization that submits that spiritual warfare has existed from the beginning of human existence, in the Garden, and continues to this day