Introduction and Welcome to this Blog from the Author – A Watchman

Greetings, and a hearty welcome to my newfound blog on bible prophecy and end-time events, which will be written for the purposes of providing a friendly, yet somewhat strong, warning related to Christ’s soon return.  This blog is for those who are interested in learning a biblical perspective pertaining to the prophetic times in which we currently live, as well as for the times to come.  

I have a strong, practical motivation on my end for writing a blog of this nature.  Simply put, I do my best to obey God’s Word, and in it, he instructs a watchman such as myself to, “sound the trumpet and warn” (Ez. 33:6), or else!  Yes, Sir. Right away. The Almighty is my boss.

Here at the outset I must give credit to, and mention that I have been inspired by, my late uncle who humbly proclaimed himself as a “Watchman on the Wall,” for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ- and he did an unbelievable job during his life- authoring a book, writing newspaper articles, witnessing to countless individuals, and speaking at various churches.  He spoke boldly, loudly and publicly about a subject that can be controversial, makes many uncomfortable, and is a sure means of limiting one’s friendships and popularity, even in Christian circles. (Think about what that says!) Personally, I have great memories as a youngster of nights we spent on my uncle’s couch, when he would tell me in full color detail about the end times to come; and I was always excited to absorb this information as best as I could.  

So the topic area of bible prophecy and end-time events topic area has been on my personal radar for a long time, at least mildly, from a personal interest perspective.  For much of my life to date, however, I’ve only watched from somewhat of a distance as typical day-to-day American life and personal challenges took precedence.  But I confess I’ve watched much more intently over the past few years, not only due to worldwide events, but also due to highly unique challenges, extreme trials and persecution that I’ve experienced in my own life.  These trials have no other explanation other than one that is purely spiritual in nature. (I’ll likely allude to these as this blog develops, and as is appropriate). 

Overall, I’m convinced that we are now in the season of our Lord’s return.  Biblical scripture, along with current events and news stories, viewed in the context of bible prophecy, will be discussed in this blog.  I believe that we are currently witnessing an unmistakable and unprecedented convergence of numerous bible-related events worldwide. 

Why should you be concerned with bible prophecy?

Consider that the bible prophets of old gave us numerous prophecies of Jesus Christ’s first coming.  And he came, lived and dies in a time and a manner exactly as was foretold. Then consider that there is even more prophetic scripture, now being fulfilled, related to events surrounding his return. Testifying about our coming Lord and Savior is the essence of bible prophecy. The apostles communicated this as follows:

  • We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed…” (2 Pet 1:19)

  • “…worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Rev 19:10)

Is there anything more that we as Christians desire than Christ’s ultimate and glorious return?  Especially if that season appears to be on us now? Well then, hopefully you’ll find that this blog is for you.  And possibly even for others who you know. Feel free to pass it along! Also, any feedback you offer in the comments section is greatly appreciated.

[Feel free to view the “additional background” page associated with this site, which more fully outlines the high-level strategy and objectives behind this blog. This page should be found under “Pages” in the block on the left hand side of this page.] 

Grace and Peace,

LL (Lion’s Lair)

2 thoughts on “Introduction and Welcome to this Blog from the Author – A Watchman

  1. The Holy Spirit led me here yesterday when I was seeking answers to a random question and prompting the Spirit placed on my heart. I have been binge listening to your messages on spotify ever since. I must say, I know full well how lonely it can be to try to sound the alarm and give warning of the sword that is coming. I recognized the days last January when things began in China. I immediately began warning my loved ones and well, as you can imagine my warnings were not well received to say the least. I am thrilled to have found your site and will be deeply studying the incredibly insightful information you are providing! May Yah protect you and give you strength, wisdom, blessings and peace as we walk forward in faith and with the full armor of the Most High! Shalom!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Susan. Yes- this is indeed a time to warn others of what is sure to come. Glad you have found the Spotify site as well. The only passages on this site that are not uploaded to podcast yet, but will be soon, are the ones entitled, Children of Israel “birthed” in the End Times (Parts 1 thru 3). Enjoy.


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